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Huge Advertising Promotions - 11 months Online
Published on 21-03-2017

Dear members,

DarkBux has been online for 11 months ! that means we will celebrate our first birthday next month ! but we cannot wait till that time to start our celebration, so we have the pleasure to announce huge advertising promotions which allows you to reach millions of people with only few dollars !

Now, with every dollar you deposit you will get for free :

-          500 PTC Ads credits.

-          500.000 banner credits.

-          500.000 Featured Text Ads credits.

-          500.000 Featured Link Ads credits.

-          20 days Login Ads

For example :

If you deposit $2 you will get : (1000 PTC Ads credits + 1.000.000 banner credits +  1.000.000 Featured Text Ads credits  + 1.000.000 Featured Link Ads credits + 40 days Login Ads)

If you deposit $5 you will get : (2500 PTC Ads credits + 2.500.000 banner credits +  2.500.000 Featured Text Ads credits  + 2.500.000 Featured Link Ads credits + 100 days Login Ads).                                          

If you deposit $20 you will get : (10.000 PTC Ads credits + 10.000.000 banner credits +  10.000.000 Featured Text Ads credits  + 10.000.000 Featured Link Ads credits + 400 days Login Ads).         

Imagine how many millions of people you can reach by advertising your products and referral links on our site.

In order to receive the credits bonnus you have to submit a support ticket after your deposit.

Minimum deposit via Perfect Money : $2

Minimum deposit via Payza : $5

There are no maximum for your deposit.

If you want to deposit via bitcoin (blockcain) please contact us.

If you deposit via Perfect Money, funds will be automatically added to your account. But if you deposit via Payza, you have to send us a support ticket, then we will update your account manually and add the funds to your balance within 24h.

The promo is available for 1 month and will end on 20th of April. Be sure that you will never see huge promotions like this in any other PTC website.

Best regards

DarkBux Administration

Offers4all added !
Published on 18-01-2017

Dear members,

We added a new earning feature to our site. Offers4all is now available and you have the opportunity to get more extra money into your pocket.

Enjoy the Darkness!



DarkBux Administration

Happy New Year - Cheapest Advertising Prices on PTC World
Published on 02-01-2017

Dear members,

We wish all of you happy new year full of joy and happiness. 2016 is very special for us because it's our birth's year. Of course it was not easy as we expected, we had some issues just like any new project or business, but we resist, we fought off all problems, because we have a goal to achieve: making DarkBux "The Master of PTC Industry". We have been online for more than 8 months, and be sure that we will stay for a very long time.
On the occasion of the new year, we decided to make some big discounts for our advertisements. Now, you can advertise on DarkBux with affordable prices (cheapest prices on PTC world), and you can reach millions of visits with only few dollars! You can make a comparison between DarkBux and other websites then you can see that we really offer the cheapest advertising prices.

We hope that your goals, projects and wishes become true on 2017.

Thank you for supporting us and being a part of the darkness.

Best Regards
DarkBux Administration

Few Days Left!! Hurry Up!
Published on 19-12-2016

Dear members,

Only few days left before the end of our huge promotions and offers! If you are looking to earn extra income, then don't miss that opportunity. We understand that earning the trust of some of you is not an easy thing because we know that 99% of PTC sites are scam, so members don't invest their money before being convinced and certain of the seriousness of any PTC site. We ensure you that it's only a question of time and DarkBux will prove that it's the "New Big One" in this business, it's a question of time before proving that we deserve your trust because we are really "Serious" and "Legit". Don't forget that DarkBux is the Master of PTC Industry.

Thank you for being a part of the darkness!


Best Regards

DarkBux Administration

Successful System Upgrade
Published on 25-11-2016

Dear members,

The upgrade process of the system was successfully done. Now “DarkBux” should work without facing the “Resource Limit” problem. But if you face that issue once again, just refresh the page.


Thank you and enjoy the darkness!

DarkBux Administration